Hello and welcome to the blog of a foodie and a tech savvy mom.


When I first moved to Japan, I realized how difficult it is to find Halal food or even any vegetarian food without Alcohol. I didn’t even know how to do groceries. Yup! I was that lazy back then. But I am glad that I had to.

Being a full-time coder and a mom, I didn’t have much time to prepare dinner every night, when I get back home. So I prepared whatever is quick and easy. After many kitchen disasters, I finally learnt the basics of cooking =D and I am still learning.

In this category, I am going to share the recipes of my successful attempts ^_^


pexels-photo-630839Ah yes… we programmers really need tutorials…

Many beginners face lots of problems when they start developing or programming their first application. Not only beginners but the experienced one also get stuck sometimes. Either way, it’s quite frustrating.

Some of the problems are unusual because they might be missing something very common which is unlikely to skip normally. I thought maybe I should mention these errors and the steps that I took to solve them.

This may help you out in one way or another. I would be glad to see your comments if you have any better solution. Let me know if you encounter something and don’t find the solution over here. I’ll add up!

Home Decor

The apartments and houses in Japan are really tiny. Coming from a city where people live in big houses with big furnitures and big kitchens, it was really difficult for me when I first moved in a 2DK apartment which was around 38 square meter.

My mission was to decorate it in a way that it looks spacious. I had a chance to move to 3 different apartments and each of them has different challenges. In this section, I will be sharing how I decorated my home.