Hello Fellas! How are you all doing? ­čśÇ Today’s chit chat is about the new section ┬áthat I am starting in my blog and it is going to be known as “Debugging the Bugging Bug” yes! Debugging! If you were looking for something like this, you have landed to the right place!

Lots of beginners face lots of problems when they start developing or programming their first application. Not only beginners but the experienced one also get stucked sometimes. Either way it’s quiet frustrating.

Some of the problems are unusual because they might be missing something very common which is unlikely to be skipped normally. I thought may be I should mention these errors and the steps that I took to solve them.

This may help you out in one way or another. I would be glad to see your comments if you have any better solution. Let me know if you encounter something and don’t find the solution over here. I’ll add up!


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