About Me

Sara is an Application Architect, with over 2 years of experience in web application development and an year in Mobile application development.

Besides above, She is a hobbyist animator and is very passionate about learning different techniques used in animations and effects. Throughout her career she end-up being a debugger, yes! Really! She considers bugs as if they are zombies and her quest is to exterminate them as soon as possible.

By the end of her graduation, she had learned mobile application programming and built Multiplayer Rock Paper Scissors and Battleship on J2ME and HTML5 respectively. She worked as a freelancer for 2 years and  developed websites on ASP.NET and PHP. Besides websites, she also worked on desktop based management softwares like billing management, File Management, Invoice generations, customer management etc.

After graduation, Sara was hired as a PHP Developer by a Canadian based android application development company. Later, She worked as a Software Engineer for PHP-Based Facebook Apps & E-commerce websites.

After gaining 2+1 years of experience in web and Facebook application development, She ended up training herself and her colleagues Mobile Application and Game Development. Currently She has been working as an iOS/Android application and game architect.

Besides all above she loves helping others and teach them what she has learned so far through her experience in mobile game development and web development here and on youtube { www.youtube.com/logicmates } respectively.

Should there be any query, feel free to contact any time { logicmates.ssa @gmail.com }.


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